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Based in Salt Lake City, HOTSKU® is an innovative pioneer in the development of advanced health and wellness products. Formed in 2018 by three friends and successful entrepreneurs in the global health & beauty industry, the founders have a combined 75+ years of industry experience. The trio has played key roles in launching some of the best-selling brands in the industry, accounting for several billion U.S. Dollars in revenue.

The founder’s second objective was to offer great value. HOTSKU® products are safe and effective but they do not require a bank loan to purchase. Good products at a good price have always been a hallmark of the HOTSKU® brand.

HOTSKU® was first launched on its very active website and then expanded to multiple eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay to reach a broader customer base. The brand took advantage of a significant shift from offline brick & mortar retail channels to online channels, offering its products globally and open for business 24/7.

In 2017, the Ketogenic (KEE-toh-JEH-nik) diet took the world by storm. Nutritional research indicated that a diet high in fat with adequate protein and low in carbohydrates (sugars) causes the body to break down fat into molecules called ketones. Ketones circulate in the blood and become the main source of energy for many cells in the body. Basically, the keto diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

HOTSKU® Keto supplements contain Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), an organic compound made by the body providing more energy when not enough carbohydrates or sugars have been consumed. This helps to kickstart the metabolic state of ketosis, where the body burns fat leading to weight loss.

Launched in 2012, revolutionized the eCommerce landscape with an innovative shopping app that imitates the traditional auction, but in the digital realm. Customers compete with one another in an online bidding frenzy at one-dollar increments. When the auction closes, the highest bidder takes home the prize, which could be a range of items from a bottle of KETO to a laptop computer. At any moment in time, the site would have hundreds of sellers and thousands of customers engaged with one another. The auction format allows customers to actively participate in the buying process making it more of a game than a typical online purchase. The result for the winner is always a great product at a great price.

The website has become a very popular eCommerce platform, recognized for its hot products at cool prices. The website offers products from other successful brands in the industry and has become a great source for a wide and deep range of products.

After its meteoric rise, HOTSKU® caught the attention of Blue Tower Holdings (BTH), a company that owns multiple brands, including the exciting do-it-yourself sushi making kit, Sushi Tower® and Spring Water Labs. BTH acquired HOTSKU® in 2020, expanding its global reach into China and other large international markets.

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